Top 7 Most Delicious Party Foods

Top 7 Most Delicious Party Foods

hot wingsIf you plan to have a great party that everyone will enjoy , you’ve gotta provide great food for your guests!

Well feed guests are happy guests, so we’ve prepared for you the top 7 most delicious party foods for any occasion!

Take a minute and join us on a voyage where we will explore the very best entrees, appetizers, and finger foods around. We’ve got the ideas that will make your party a sure fire success! Pictures and links to the best recipes are provided within!

Potato Skins

You have really gotta hand it to the potato because it is one of the most affordable and versatile foods in existence. The potato is probably best know for the potato chip, the ever so famous french fry (crisscut, curly, steak or string), it’s responsible for providing us hash browns, it holds it own when baked, of course as the baked potato and the list goes on.

Surprising to many the potato is actually as nutritious as it is delicious.
The potato even comes to the rescue as a fantastic party foods. Of course I’m referring to the deliciousness that is the potato skin!
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Grilled Shish Kabobs

Shish-Kabobs are in essence are a full course meal on a stick (skewer) and they can be created from just about any variety of meats and vegetables.  Kabobs are an excellent party food for several reason, the first being how convenient they are. You can have your entire dinner in one and and your cock-tail in the other.

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Bacon Wrapped Poppers

Add a little bacon wrapped spice to the party menu with bacon-wrapped jalapeno poppers! We know these will be a sure fire success at your get together because, first just about everyone loves bacon. The jalapeno will add a bit of heat and then the cream cheese filling will cool things back down. These are an excellent appetizer to serve your guests.

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Chicken Fingers

These wonderful bites of chicken are know by many alias. They are often referred to as chicken fingers, chicken strips, and chicken tenders, but regardless of what you may call them, they are all known as delicious!

Chicken Fingers are always a great idea to serve at a party, simply because they are easy to eat and delicious particularly with a decent variety of sauces to accompany them.

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Super Nachos

Spicy deliciousness is the best way to describe Super Nachos. We’re not talking about the nachos you get over at the local convenient store (not that those are always a bad thing) But this variety is a special one, one that uses multiple fresh ingredients.

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 Grilled Pizza

Let’s face it, pizza is and has always been an great party food, but when you add a twist and grill your pizza over an open fire, the greatness increases by 10x! If you’ve never grilled a pizza before don’t fret because with this recipe and technique it’s as easy as pie!

How to create a perfect grilled pizza!

Hot Wings

Grilled Hot Wings are a delicious and spicy staple to any great party. Everyone who likes a little heat absolutly loves hot wings! They are an easy and convenient way to serve your guests. They are even know to some as “Party Wings” The good news is that hot wings can be prepared in many ways!

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