Guitar Pick Punch

guitar pick punchGuitar players are always loosing their picks! With the guitar pick punch you’ll never go without again as long as you’ve got a plastic card around.

  • Make your own Guitar picks out of old plastic cards, easily punch out picks!
  • Makes the standard 351 guitar pick.
  • Never buy a guitar pick again. Make your own unique designs.
  • Heavy duty, metal product.
  • Punch: gift, hotel, credit, id, and practically any other plastic card.


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Wine Bra

wine braThe Wine bra is the Beer hat for women!

This is a no brainer IMHO, simply put on the bra, fill with wine and fill out the boobs, then drink inconspicuously. It’s easily concealed great for concerts, get together, or just a family brunch.

Why get a boob job when you can fill em with wine. It’s cheaper and much more fun.


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BYD Electric Car

build your dreamBYD = Build Your Dream
The BYD Electric car is more than you may think exists! The simply fact is that this vehicle is full capacity, takes about 40 minutes for a complete charge and will travel 186 miles on one charge. The best part of this vehicle is the simple fact that it costs just around 676.00 US to drive 15 Thousand Miles 15,000 miles. That’s about .45 cents a gallon in comparison. It doesn’t use gas and it doesn’t emit emissions. It’s the most efficient, cost effective, family sedan that exists. And it’s already in full production.

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Soundmaster Dancing Water Speakers

Soundmaster Dancing Water SpeakersSoundmaster Dancing Water Speakers
Review: “I bought these speakers for my son for his 24th birthday. He loves them, and so do I!! I never get tired of watching them; I wish I had a pair!”

This colorful and unique speakers feature:

Full rich sound, Attractive chrome finish, USB powered, Complete with all cables.


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Remote Control Cooler

remote control coolerRemote Control Cooler
The remote control cooler goes just about anywhere you’d want your cooler to go! Travels across gravel, carpet decks and just about any other reasonable surface you can imagine. Just sit back and have your beer delivered right to you. Or, drive it around parties and keep your guests well hydrated!

Travels up to 40 feet from the controller and holds about 12 cans or bottles! Perfect for the back yard pool area or any man cave!


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Butter Slicer

Butter Slicer3…2…1… Butter is no longer a problem with the butter slicer. We now have a wonderful way to slice and add butter to anything we see fit.

The butter slicer makes life easy in the sense that, well, we’ve probably all runied a piece of bread from time to time. We’ve attempted to slice butter like the pro’s over at Denny’s but to no avail, until now.

Cinnamon toast, not a problem, butter toast? Not an issue! Thanks once and for all to the Butter slicer.


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Pen Cap Eating Utensil

Pen Cap Eating Utensil

Ever found yourself sitting at your desk all set to eat lunch and realize you have no utensils to use? Then you are in desperate need of the Din Ink Pen Utensil Set. Each one of these cool pens has a cap with a cool and convenient eating utensil built right in to it. A fork, a spoon and a knife are at your fingertips.


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Flask and Cigarette Case

Flask and Cigarette Case

Keep your liquor cold and your cigarettes out of site with this comfortable hip flask with built in cigarette case. Each 6oz flask comes with an attached No-loss cap so you will never loose your cap even after you’ve had a few sips.

As long as you have your lighter with you I think things are gonna be looking up from here on out. The only thing I can imagine that would improve this wonderful invention is a cool lighter.

Holds both kings and 100’s


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Loaded Wallet

Loaded Wallet
Need a new wallet? Take a look at the loaded wallet!

Review: “I just needed an extra wallet because my other wallet was getting to big. This wallet has 6 pockets for storing credit cards and 2 other “hidden” pockets that could fit up to 3 more cards in each one.”

This Wallet is great for getting compliments  on your cool new wallet, but as the picture shows it hanging out of your pocket, well that is probably one of the better ways of getting your wallet jacked! So, buy it, love it, but keep it deep in your pocket!


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Annoying! Annoy-a-tron

The Annoy-a-tron might just be the perfect invention for annoying people. Better than tapping one person on the shoulder from the back seat of the car over and over and over again. And better than not actually toching a person, but almost touching a person and announcing that your not actually touching the person.

The annoy-a-tron does one better because it has the capacity to annoy many people at the same time. It’s easy to hide and will randomly make strange and annoying noises and features an array of pitches and timing.

It’s quite difficult to find this little bugger.


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Beach Bums

Beach Bums Man Cave Poster

Well the weather is about to change and were headed into another winter, at least up here in the northern hemisphere.

This poster will help you hold on until the summer comes back once again.  I know I can’t wait…


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The Arm Pillow

The Arm Pillow

It can be a challenge, knowing what to do with that arm that just can’t find a comfortable place to rest it’s weary hand.

The pillow has now been improved upon and fixes that age old pesky problem has bee solved! It’s just perfect for the way most of us sleep and keeps the blood a flowin!

Just take a minute and look at how well rested this man is and he doesn’t even have any blankets.


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Pint and a Shot Glass

Pint and a Shot Glass

Technology has finally come full circle. First we put a man on the moon, then the Higgs Boson and now this! A pint and a shot in the same glass…

I don’t know what’s going to come next but it’s going to be tough to beat this one!

The only thing I can think of that would do this, is the shot and the pint at the same time!


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Knuckle Stun Gun

The Knuckle Stun Gun
Jogging at night never has to be scary again. If your not sure that you pack a big enough punch to knock out that would be robber, don’t fret! Now, thanks to the knuckle stun gun you can lay anyone out flat on the ground. 950,000 Volt punches that anyone will either run from or lay down after is sure to keep you safe on your journey!


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Coffee Makes Me Poop

Coffee Makes Me Poop Mug!

Yet another coffee cup that others are not likely to use when your not looking. And it’s true coffee does make you poop!

This coffee mug makes for an excellent gift for any body that enjoys coffee and likes to poop.

Comes in brown… and black but we recommend getting it in brown because, well, it just more healthy to own a brown poop coffee mug.


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Tin Can Robot

Meet 4102972, the tin can robot!
We just love the looks of this little guy! He reminds me of Johnny 5 and Walli. Now you can have your own can robot.

He makes a buzz as he scurry across the floor. Everyone just loves him.

All you’ll need to do is add batteries and supply the can and your off to the races.


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Ninja Ginger Bread Man

Ninja Ginger Bread Man
The Ginger Bread Man has been stuck in the same shape for too many years and he’s not going to take it anymore!

He’s finally kicking his way’s and getting in shape at the same time.

Sure to get your guests attention, and it’s a great conversation starter too!


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Pillow Remote Control

Pillow Remote Control

Lazier has never been easier thanks to the pillow that’s not just a pillow, it’s a functional remote control.

Just imagine yourself hardly having to move a muscle while relaxing on the couch with a pillow that changes the channels!

This is an excellent gift for your favorite couch potato!


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Outside Light Up Cubes

Outside Light Up Cubes
High quality Light Cube – Virtually indestructible with 4 levels of brightness from soft to intensive levels. From the remote control you can choose from 20 colors. You can decide to have the cube be green one day and red the next day for instance.

They even come with a remote!


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I’ve Never

I’ve Never!
A great ice breaker for those who are, let’s say, a bit more outrageous than the typical board game players.

How well do you know your best friend, roommate, girlfriend, boyfriend, lover, spouse, etc. “I’ve Never” is designed to break the ice and challenge you with funny, wild, and crazy questions that will blow your mind.


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Salt Water Fuel Cell Car

Salt Water Fuel Cell Car

Inspired by science, this little car runs on salt water. I wish ours did!

No assembly required no batteries either! Just add salt water and go. As the smallest, least expensive, not to mention first fuel cell car to be powered by saltwater, the Salt Water Fuel Cell Car gives everyone a chance to learn about new forms of clean energy.


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Beautiful Woman in the Shower Curtain

Beautiful Woman in the Shower Curtain
Now you can enjoy the silhouette of a beautiful woman in the shower anytime day or night.

At first your friends will be like “hey, there’s a hot chick in your shower! Your Awesome” But then when they realize what’s really going on their going to make fun of  you… Either way everyone is going to have fun with this one!


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Real Bug Mouse

real bug mouseReal Bug Mouse
Observe insects flying, climbing, or swimming in the plexi-glass walled display of this awesome mouse. This makes a great gift for any bug lover.
This optical mouse is no optical illusion
A real spider is embedded in clear acrylic
A visual prod to surf the net for naturalist’s delights or a possible deterrent to unauthorized users


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iPhone Projector

iphone projectoriPhone Projector
Take your smart phone to a whole new level with the iPhone Projector. Now you can display pictures and video from your phone to any surface. This includes not only pictures but video as well. You can actually project and watch movies with this device. Comes with a loud speaker so that you can enjoy higher quality sound as well.


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The Riding Ice Chest

The Riding Ice ChestThe Riding Ice Chest
You can now be the coolest kid in town with the riding ice chest. But keep in mind you can actually get a DUI on this thing, so make sure to ride it there and walk it back.

This well built, durable little machine will Hold 72 canned drinks and a 350 pound rider all at the same time.

Travel in style at speeds up to 13 miles an hour!


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