Shot Glass Checkers

shot glass checkersShot Glass Checkers

Here’s one way to get the party started, anybody up for a game of checkers?

The glasses and the board are made from high quality material and the game is a blast at parties. The shot glasses are not standard size, they are actually made to hold 1 oz which is quite small so that you are not completely smashed after the first game.

It’s simple to play (at least at first)  if you get jumped you drink once and if you get crowned you drink twice.



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Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Barrel

Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Barrel

If you have some extra money to blow, say around ten-grand then you just might be interest to know that you can purchase Jack Daniel’s Whiskey by the Barrel!

Each Barrel contains just about 240 bottles of Jack Daniels. You have the option of choosing your own barrel or allowing the master distiller to select one for you.

You can also customize the bottles with special custom labels of your choosing. It take just 8 weeks to finalize the deal. The whiskey will be bottled and sent along with the barrel in which it was aged. Cheers!


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Top 7 Most Delicious Party Foods

Top 7 Most Delicious Party Foods

hot wingsIf you plan to have a great party that everyone will enjoy , you’ve gotta provide great food for your guests!

Well feed guests are happy guests, so we’ve prepared for you the top 7 most delicious party foods for any occasion!

Take a minute and join us on a voyage where we will explore the very best entrees, appetizers, and finger foods around. We’ve got the ideas that will make your party a sure fire success! Pictures and links to the best recipes are provided within!

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Wine Bra

wine braThe Wine bra is the Beer hat for women!

This is a no brainer IMHO, simply put on the bra, fill with wine and fill out the boobs, then drink inconspicuously. It’s easily concealed great for concerts, get together, or just a family brunch.

Why get a boob job when you can fill em with wine. It’s cheaper and much more fun.


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Soundmaster Dancing Water Speakers

Soundmaster Dancing Water SpeakersSoundmaster Dancing Water Speakers
Review: “I bought these speakers for my son for his 24th birthday. He loves them, and so do I!! I never get tired of watching them; I wish I had a pair!”

This colorful and unique speakers feature:

Full rich sound, Attractive chrome finish, USB powered, Complete with all cables.


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Remote Control Cooler

remote control coolerRemote Control Cooler
The remote control cooler goes just about anywhere you’d want your cooler to go! Travels across gravel, carpet decks and just about any other reasonable surface you can imagine. Just sit back and have your beer delivered right to you. Or, drive it around parties and keep your guests well hydrated!

Travels up to 40 feet from the controller and holds about 12 cans or bottles! Perfect for the back yard pool area or any man cave!


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Annoying! Annoy-a-tron

The Annoy-a-tron might just be the perfect invention for annoying people. Better than tapping one person on the shoulder from the back seat of the car over and over and over again. And better than not actually toching a person, but almost touching a person and announcing that your not actually touching the person.

The annoy-a-tron does one better because it has the capacity to annoy many people at the same time. It’s easy to hide and will randomly make strange and annoying noises and features an array of pitches and timing.

It’s quite difficult to find this little bugger.


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Pint and a Shot Glass

Pint and a Shot Glass

Technology has finally come full circle. First we put a man on the moon, then the Higgs Boson and now this! A pint and a shot in the same glass…

I don’t know what’s going to come next but it’s going to be tough to beat this one!

The only thing I can think of that would do this, is the shot and the pint at the same time!


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Ninja Ginger Bread Man

Ninja Ginger Bread Man
The Ginger Bread Man has been stuck in the same shape for too many years and he’s not going to take it anymore!

He’s finally kicking his way’s and getting in shape at the same time.

Sure to get your guests attention, and it’s a great conversation starter too!


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Outside Light Up Cubes

Outside Light Up Cubes
High quality Light Cube – Virtually indestructible with 4 levels of brightness from soft to intensive levels. From the remote control you can choose from 20 colors. You can decide to have the cube be green one day and red the next day for instance.

They even come with a remote!


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I’ve Never

I’ve Never!
A great ice breaker for those who are, let’s say, a bit more outrageous than the typical board game players.

How well do you know your best friend, roommate, girlfriend, boyfriend, lover, spouse, etc. “I’ve Never” is designed to break the ice and challenge you with funny, wild, and crazy questions that will blow your mind.


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The Riding Ice Chest

The Riding Ice ChestThe Riding Ice Chest
You can now be the coolest kid in town with the riding ice chest. But keep in mind you can actually get a DUI on this thing, so make sure to ride it there and walk it back.

This well built, durable little machine will Hold 72 canned drinks and a 350 pound rider all at the same time.

Travel in style at speeds up to 13 miles an hour!


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Ice Shot Glasses

ice shot glass Ice Shot Glasses

Bringing new meaning to “On the rocks” these ice shot glasses are made entirely from ice cold ice.

A Great “Ice Breaker” for parties and get together’s with friends are even more fun.

Each mold makes 4 shot glasses and can be made with water juice or Jello.


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Titanic Ice Cubes Tray

titanic ice cubes
With the set you get not only the Titanic but you also get the giant iceburg that took her out. Don’t worry it’s not too soon… I just can’t figure why she tossed that giant blue diamond into the ocean! And, I think there was room on that head board or door or whatever she was floating on for both of them.

Either way now you can remember that fateful day each time you have an ice cold beverage with the Titanic ice cube tray.

Titanic Ice Cubes Tray


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