Venus Fly Trap Plant

Venus Fly Trap Plantvenus fly trap

Live healthy Medium Sized B52 Giant Venus Flytrap Plant
Comes with a 3 inch net pot
Comes a detailed full page caresheet, full page FAQ sheet, and a full page potting diagram
Shipped bareroot
Comes with loose moss appropriate for Carnivorous Plant soil

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Feeding the poor may cost you a hefty fine

homelessOn the night she was ticketed, Chef Joan Cheever’s menu included fresh vegetable soup, lamb meatballs over wheat pasta, braised Southern greens, and a salad with roasted beets. She plans to appear in a San Antonio court to contest the $2,000 citation. Her offense: serving food to a line of grateful homeless people. Read More

Kraft ends mac and cheese fake coloring. Will it still be yellow?

kraft-macaroni-cheese-dinner-306-pKraft is removing artificial preservatives and synthetic colors from its mac and cheese recipe, starting in January 2016.

It will use spices like paprika, annatto and turmeric to replace the synthetic colors and promises that its mac and cheese will taste the same as before. Read More

Lies My Teacher Told Me

Lies My Teacher Told Me

Americans have lost touch with their history, and in Lies My Teacher Told Me Professor James Loewen shows why.

After surveying eighteen leading high school American history texts, he has concluded that not one does a decent job of making history interesting or memorable.

Marred by an embarrassing combination of blind patriotism, mindless optimism, sheer misinformation, and outright lies, these books omit almost all the ambiguity, passion, conflict, and drama from our past.

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Color My Boobs

Color My Boobs!

A fun, interactive gift book for adult, this coloring book is filled with every variety of alluring, healthy, happy female pulchritude: big, bigger, buxom, cantaloupes, torpedoes  milk jugs, side boob, under-boob  and much more.
Showcasing the work of two talented artists, these line drawings also feature character boobs: a showgirl, pirate, cheerleader, goddess, hot teacher and more…

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Camera Snorkel Mask

Camera Snorkel Mask

Imagine being submerged deep in the abyss and all of the sudden a beautiful mermaid appears right in front of you. You know just like in that Tom Hanks movie, Splash.

Well, if that does happen it’s likely that no one will believe it, and you might even end up being committed to some sort of “hospital” unless you happened to have a Camera Snorkel Mask to prove that you actually did in fact see a beautiful mermaid!


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Cleaning Slippers

cleaning slippers Cleaning Slippers
Now you can hang out at home and enjoy a lazy day because without even knowing it, your actually going to be getting things done.

These microfiber cleaning slippers will shine the floor when your just walking around the house.

Now when you go to the fridge during your favorite movie and make your turkey sandwich and pour a tall glass of ice cold chocolate milk and you’ve actually cleaned the floor in the process! You should probably be getting paid for this hard work, or at least earn a back-rub from your better half.

These babies even grab pet hair as you walk around the house, and the are as comfortable as they are functional!


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Ace Card Bottle Opener

ace card bottle opener
Now you can always keep an Ace up your sleeve with Kikkerland’s Ace of spades novelty bottle opener.

Use the cleverly crafted hole in the center shaped like a spade to open your beer and soda bottles.

This pocket bottle opener is so slim it’s easy to carry anywhere. Made with heavy duty 18/8 stainless steel. The perfect addition to your next poker game!

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Three in One Game Table

three in one game tableThe Three in One Game Table is an excellent addition to any game room or man cave especially if saving space is important to you.

The three way gaming table easily convert from a pool table into a ping-pong table or air hockey table.


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Shot Glass Checkers

shot glass checkersShot Glass Checkers

Here’s one way to get the party started, anybody up for a game of checkers?

The glasses and the board are made from high quality material and the game is a blast at parties. The shot glasses are not standard size, they are actually made to hold 1 oz which is quite small so that you are not completely smashed after the first game.

It’s simple to play (at least at first)  if you get jumped you drink once and if you get crowned you drink twice.



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Peace Sign Toaster

peach of toast toasterGiving new meaning to the phrase “Piece of  Toast” Now you can have a “Peace of Toast”

The toaster works lust like any other, just pop in your bread slice and wait for your “peace” of toast.

Features include cancel, frozen/reheat option, 7 heat settings, removable crumb tray, power cord storage, and cool touch operation.

Peace Sign Toaster


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Inflatable Zorb Ball

zorb ballThe Inflatable Zorb Ball

Imagine the adrenalin rush of racing down the side of a major hill in this life-size inflatable ball.

The ball can be used to roll down slopes, roll and slide down snowy hills and can be taken into the water.

It’s 9′ 8″ in height and can carry two riders and features 2 entrances.

Don’t worry it even comes with the pump to inflate it!


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Battery Operated Night Light and Target

night light pee targetBattery Operated Night Light and Target
Turning the light on in the middle of the night is a pain, it wakes us up and practically blinds us. The alternative is that you end up peeing in the dark all over the toilet seat. Neither is very enjoyable.

At long last there is finally a viable and fun solution to this age old problem. The Battery Operated Night Light and Target shines right into the water. And let’s face it, we all love aiming at a target!


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Wall Outlet Safe

wall outlet safeWall Outlet Safe
Protect your valuables in a place they will never think to look, the wall outlet.

It looks just like a typical wall outlet but it’s actually a super secret hiding place.

It’s very easy to install and it is large enough to hold money, jewelry or whatever you find valuable enough to stash away.

Dimensions 2.75in.L x 7.75in.W x 3.5in.H.

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Beer Saver Bottle Caps

beer saver bottle cap

Beer Saver Bottle Caps

Don’t waste that premium beer down the drain, save it until you’re ready for another! Let’s face it the good stuff is expensive and we don’t want to be wasting our beer money!

With The Rubber Beer Saver Bottle Cap you get to enjoy every last drop and when stored you won’t loose any of that precious bubbly carbonation.

The set includes 6 colorful stretchy rubber caps and will fit on most bottles.


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Poweriser Jumping Stilts

Poweriser Jumping Stilts Welcome to the 21 century version of the pogo stick. These super stilts, are just that, super spring loaded stilts that will launch you up to 7 feet in the air which means you should be able to clear your tallest friends.

These amazing spring loaded stilts can get you going up to 20 miles an hour in a flat out sprint! We recommend getting a little practice first, wiping out at 20 can be harsh!

Poweriser Jumping Stilts


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Airsoft Mortar Launcher

airsoft mortar launcherAirsoft Mortar Launcher -Powered by Air and Water (CO2)
This might just cause you to do a double-take when you first lay eyes on it because it looks almost like the real thing.

The good news, it’s a toy, wait make that an ADULT toy. This thing is NOT for kids!

The launcher will project the mortar up to 300 ft which is to say that it has a quite a bit of power.

It’s filled with water and pressurized by CO2 cartage

In every package you will receive 1 Launcher, 2 Mortar Projectiles, and 1 C02 Charger.

This thing is fun but it’s also serious business!


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Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Barrel

Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Barrel

If you have some extra money to blow, say around ten-grand then you just might be interest to know that you can purchase Jack Daniel’s Whiskey by the Barrel!

Each Barrel contains just about 240 bottles of Jack Daniels. You have the option of choosing your own barrel or allowing the master distiller to select one for you.

You can also customize the bottles with special custom labels of your choosing. It take just 8 weeks to finalize the deal. The whiskey will be bottled and sent along with the barrel in which it was aged. Cheers!


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Soda Bottle Rocket

soda bottle rocket

There is something truly satisfying about launching a two liter bottle into the sky, powered only by water and air. I don’t know what it is but, it’s awesome!

The simple fact that the fuel is free and you can launch it over and over is the best part. It really doesn’t get any better than that!

No assembly required

Launches ordinary 2 liter bottles 100 feet into the sky!

Must have a traditional bicycle pump near by!

Soda Bottle Launcher


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For the ultimate alternative to walking take a look at this fine new contraption! The SoloWheel is basically an elctric powered unicycle without a seat or peddles. Well, maybe it’s not so much like a unicycle, but it’s so unique it’s hard to really compare it to anything that’s on the market.

Use it just for the fun of it or use it for short commutes to work and back. It’s extremely efficient taking only two hours to complete a full charge and that single charge will take you 15 to 20 miles.
The learning curve is basically that of learning to ride a bicycle, challenging at first but then easy once you’ve got it!


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Electric Paper Airplane

This will probably go down in the history books as the best accessory for a paper airplane available. If you love paper airplanes as much as we do, then this is a must have! The passion for a good flying paper airplane never leaves, not even when were all  grown-up!

This amazing device can be added to any style paper airplane and will literally propel it hundreds of feet. It’s best used in a large field or empty parking lot.

Electric Paper Airplane


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Wheelman Gas Powered Skateboard

gas powered skateboardWheelman Gas Powered Skateboard

You’ll never need to push your board around again with this super powered gas powered skateboard on steroids! It looks intimidating especially the 50 cc! That’s a ton of power for a skateboard!

The learning curve is similar to that of a skate board or snow board, if you have experience with that then your on the fast track to dominating the boardwalk. I’m guessing it’s probably not allowed on the board walk! At least you’ll have that 50cc engine for a quick getaway!


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Top 7 Most Delicious Party Foods

Top 7 Most Delicious Party Foods

hot wingsIf you plan to have a great party that everyone will enjoy , you’ve gotta provide great food for your guests!

Well feed guests are happy guests, so we’ve prepared for you the top 7 most delicious party foods for any occasion!

Take a minute and join us on a voyage where we will explore the very best entrees, appetizers, and finger foods around. We’ve got the ideas that will make your party a sure fire success! Pictures and links to the best recipes are provided within!

Portable Amp for iPhone Horn

Portable Amp for iPhone Horn

Now you can turn up the volume and hear the music without the headphones.

If you want to listen to the tunes and have a conversation at the same time it’s tough to do with a set of ear buds. Now you can sit on the beach with your best friend and share the music and keep it social at the same time.

Excellent as a gift and affordable at only $1.77

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10 Must Have College Dorm Posters

pink floyd poster 10 Must Have College Dorm Posters
If you’re in college, living the dorm life, have a man-cave or even a bed room that needs some jazzin up, look no further than the top 10 best posters for guys walls, wherever they may be.